Feast of the Hare

Last year was Fancy Hare, this year not so much. Welcome to our low brow version. A Peasant fall festival with market and various tournaments and competition.

Imagine the sounds and smells of a medieval market. Listen to the merhchants haggling and the clinking of coins. Browse the brightly colloured fabric and trim. Find the medival treasure you didn't know you needed. Feast of the Hare has been transformed into a peasants market this year.

The fall harvest is in. Come to our market day and celebrate the harvest by participating in our festivities and various opportunitys to display your skills, strength and grace. This page will be updated with activities as they are finalized.

Currently planned activities:



An ammusingly shaped produce contest (judged by Her Excellency Catherine)

Site Information
3191 Riverside Drive,Ottawa,ON
November 4th, 2017
9 am to 9pm

Gate: Feast:
Adults: 15$ (with member discount: 10$) Adults: 10$
Children (13 - 18): 5$ Child: 5$
Children (12 and under): Free

Lunch: TBD

**Fees to be paid in coin of the realm (Canadian cash). No cheques will be accepted at gate.** Reservation can be sent to the Gate Steward Lady Constance of Caldrithig

Are you interested in Merchanting? We have ample room for merchants and are encouraging those with something to sell to market your wares. Please contact Lady Elsebeth Farberyn about registering

Are you attending with minors?

SCA events are open to people of all ages, however if you are bringing a child for whom you are not the parent/legal guardian you will need to bring three items.

  • A complete signed minor waiver, or signed blue card
  • A complete signed minor medical waiver(2 copies)
  • A signed letter from the legal guardian specially naming the guardian for the day (2 copies)

Parents of children will need to sign a waiver at event gates for their children. If you are unsure of what you will need to have, please contact your local group Seneschal for more information prior to the event.

Event Staff

Autocrat: Giovanni di Enzinas
Site Coordinator: Lucia di Enzinas
Gatekeeper: Constance of Caldrithig
Feast Cook: Lucia D'Enzinas
Bar: Michael Corviser
Rapier Marshal: Gavin MacAiden
Armoured Combat Marshal: Baron Shahid
Merchant Coordinator: Elsebeth Farberyn