Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to enter pent to get consider for a prize?

No. All entries are considered for the sponsored prizes, and for the Crown's choice. You need to enter Pentathlon to win Kingdom A&S Champion.

Can I enter something in Kingdom A&S, or Pent that I've entered into another competition?

Yes. You can enter it in the tournament at Tournoi, or Break the Back of Winter, or any other event, in Kingdom and out, except for last years Kingdom A&S tournament.

Can I enter 1 sock, or 1 mitten, or a failed attempt into Kingdom A&S?

Yes. All entries with appropriate documentation are welcome.

How many items can I enter? Do I have to enter 5? Can I enter more than 5? Less than 5?

You can enter 1 or more projects into Kingdom A&S. You can only enter 5 things in Pentathlon. If you enter more than 6 items your judging spot might conflict with yourself.

Do I have to attend Kingdom A&S or can I sent my entry?

Pentathlon challengers have to attend but others can send items that you've registered along with a trusted friend.

Will my project be considered for the sponsored prizes?

Yes, all entries including childrens, display, feedback only, scored, and pent are considered for the sponsored prizes unless it says other wise in the prize listing. See sponsored prizes

Are children allowed to enter A&S?

Yes. Any ages are welcome.

What if I only want to enter part of my item? (For example, the embroidery on a dress but not the sewing) Or 1 item as multiple entries in pent?

Yes but it depends. Embroidery is best displayed on a 'thing' but while the embroidery might be amazing but the 'thing' is store bought. Please enter the embroidery, mentioning that the dress (or calligraphy on a scroll, or tooling on SCA armour etc) in the documentation so that the judges are clear about what they are judging. Entering pent with both dress and embroidery as two different pent entries is currently allowed but on a case by case basis. Combining entries in this manner probably won't 'wow' the judges like an embroidered dress plus an additional embroidered sampler would.

If I win the pentathlon what does and A&S champion do?

Sometimes the Crown will have you stand with their other champions during court. You will be asked to teach at more events as well.