Ealdormere Arts and Sciences Competition 2017

Kingdom A&S Tournament Rules:

Document version 1.0. Posted in September 2015.

PDF version of the rules can be downloaded here.

1. Ealdormere’s A&S Champion will be picked from entrants in a Pentathlon style tournament: five scored entries per candidate, showing breadth and depth in the artisans work.

2. Pentathlon challengers must have a current SCA membership and be ready to provide proof of membership day of tournament.

3. Artisans must be in attendance on the day of Kingdom A&S to enter Pentathlon but all other categories can be entered in absentia.

4. Projects entered in the Kingdom A&S tournament, or Pentathlon, must have been completed within the last two years or less. There is no time limit for starting a project.

5. Projects entered in the Kingdom A&S tournament, or Pentathlon, must have not been entered into the Kingdom A&S Tournament in the past.

6. Projects that have been entered into other tournaments, or displays, can still be entered into Kingdom A&S or the Pentathlon.

7. Partially completed projects, or damaged projects, can be submitted into Kingdom A&S Tournament, or Pentathlon, as long as the artist provides documentation that shows significant knowledge in that area.

8. Group projects are allowed to be entered into the Kingdom A&S tournament but not entered as a Pentathlon entry.

9. Pentathlon entries will also be considered for ‘Best in Show” and the other prizes.

10. All entries requiring a score, including Pentathlon entries, must register for the Kingdom A&S Tournament 4 weeks ahead of time using the electronic form on Ealdormere.ca.

11. Projects may be designated novice, or display only, by the artist and will receive feedback but will not receive a numbered score.

12. Novice, or display only pieces may be submitted on the day of the Kingdom A&S tournament, however there may not be a set judging time for these items if they are not also registered 4 weeks in advance.

13. Unscored novice, or display items will not be counted towards the 5 items required for Pentathlon.

14. Research papers must be submitted to the KMoAS at least 3 weeks in advance of the Kingdom A&S tournament.

15. Documentation for scored projects must be submitted electronically to KMoAS at least 2 weeks in advance of the tournament. If feedback on documentation is desired on a nonscored item it is recommended that documentation is submitted up to 1 week in advance to the KMoAS.

16. Artisans are responsible for providing one printed copy of their documentation to display with each entry.

17. Registered bardic, or other registered performance work, can be submitted to KMoAS electronically up to 2 weeks in advance of tournament for judging.

18. Artisans can withdraw from pent or the scored tournament without penalty.

19. KMoAS will make every attempt to give feedback sheets to artisans in a timely manner.


1. Novice, and display only entries will be grouped together and will remain unscored.

2. Child (age 012) may be grouped together, and will remained unscored unless requested by artist. A parent or legal guardian must attend any scheduled feedback or judging time slots.

3. Youth (age 13-17) may be grouped together, and will remained unscored unless requested by artist.

4. Pentathlon candidates will have their entries grouped together for ease of comparison, with each artisan being allotted a display table of their own.

5. All other projects are grouped together with an attempt made to combine similar projects for ease of judging.

6. There are no other categories.


1. Winners of each of the following categories will be called up in Kingdom court to receive their prize(s).

2. A&S Pentathlon winner is picked by the Pentathlon Judges and Crown.

3. The Crown decides the A&S Champion, picked (on the recommendation of the Pent Judges) from the Pentathlon entrants.

4. Best in Show is picked by highest judges score, as tabulated by KMoAS and data entry deputies, before court begins.

5. The sitting royal family may award additional prizes if they are so moved, e.g. “Queen's Choice Prize, King's Choice Prize, etc"

6. Sponsored Prizes:


1) All judges are encouraged to read the new judges handbook before the Kingdom A&S Tournament.

2) Judges forms, to show willingness to volunteer to be a judge, can be filled out 4 weeks in advance of the tournament.

3) Judges will be given documentation for items to be judged at least 12 days in advance. Judges are encouraged to read the documentation in advance.

4) Pentathlon must have 3 judges as a minimum drawn from the pool of past Pentathlon winners. If the past Pentathlon winners aren’t at Kingdom A&S to draw from, KMoAS will pick alternative judges.

5) The Pentathlon judges may use number values to rate entries, however those numerical values are not used for deliberating the winner of the Pentathlon.

6) KMoAS will provide judging forms and a schedule to each judge the before the Pentathlon begins.

7) All judging forms, scored and feedback, are due within 15 minutes of the last timed judging slot. The forms must be handed in to KMoAS and data entry deputies.