Ealdormere Arts and Sciences Competition 2017

Lunch Menu

A Selection of Savoury Pasties and a Dessert Pastie


Lentil, onions, spinach, and feta and parmesan cheese.


Bacon and bean pottage: Navy beans, Medieval bacon, vegetable/mushroom broth, and onions.

Dry-cured ham, eggs, cheese, and onions.

A limited number of Haggis pasties for those inclined: Lamb pluck (heart, liver, lungs), beef suet, onions, Scotch oats, mutton broth.


Apples, sugar, and powder douce.

For those adverse to gluten, Lentil filling and bacon and bean pottage will be available separately.

Assorted own-made mustards (black and/or yellow mustard seeds, white wine or malt vinegar, and spices (horseradish in one)), and an Apple Mostardo “chutney” (apples, sultanate raisins, white wine vinegar, sugar, mustard oil) will be available.

For any questions, please contact Tinker James at rglsmmgt@gmail.com

Feast Menu

1st course:

Chicken and saffron soup
Sour cabbage
Onion tart
Roasted root vegetables
Sweet fritters with apple and pear sauce

Second course:

Yeast bread stuffed with peas and onions
Roasted beef with garlic with horseradish sauce
Sautéed mushrooms
Cooked greens
Sweet pie stuffed with cheese