Officers of the Barony
Landed Baroness Her Excellency, Catherine Townson
baroness @
Landed Baron His Excellency, Shahid al-Hasan
baron @
Seneschal Lady Sorcha Kilmongan
seneschal @

Lady Song Zidie
herald @

Signet (awards) TH Lady Alais de Poitiers
signet @
Chronicler Lord Consaidin Breathnach
chronicler @
Exchequer Lady Jane Caldwell
exchequer @
Minister of the Arts
and Sciences
Lord Dafydd ap Alan
moas @
Marshal Mistress Ælfwyn of Longwood
marshal @
Chatelaine TH Lady Constance Payne
chatelaine @
Web Minister Baroness Catherine Townson
web.minister @
Scribe to the Baronial Council Lady Jane Caldwell
scribe @
Canton Seneschal Contacts
Caldrithig Lord Michael Corviser
caldrithig @
Greyfells Lord Eóin MacAlpen
greyfells @
Tor Brant Lady Brennait Bellfluer
tor.brant @
Harrowgate Heath Lady Morag Taylor
harrowgate.heath @

If you would like to learn more about the officer positions, why not become a deputy of an office you’re interested in? Spots are available for most positions. Contact the Baronial Seneschal to volunteer.