The first proof of our existence is found in the form of receipts dated September of 1989, then a report stating " The incipient canton of Tor Brant " held their first meeting on the "20th day of January 1990". At the time Tor Brant had a population of (12 members to 13 non-members)

In its first year of existence the group held 2 feast, 2 fight practices, 2 demos, 4 garb workshops, 2 cooking guild meetings, 2 film festivals, 1 medieval picnic and 4 potlucks along with regular meetings every Sunday.

On the 23rd day of September 1991, the seneschal Adela of the Fiery Woods put forward the application for branch advancement to full status. Tor Brant was granted full status in May of 1992.

Lord Sven Gunnolfr Ragnaldson

What does Tor Brant Mean? Check out the History of our name here [pdf]

90 Schwanz Road
Petawawa, ON
K8H 1Y5


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